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Your Child’s Wellbeing & Social Media

How does what your child sees and does on social media make them feel? Take a minute to consider your feelings, as an adult, when you see some of the comments and images posted about themselves by other people on social media. “Why don’t I look that good?” “ They’re slimmer/more toned/look better than me.” […]

Pyramid Schemes

A pyramid scheme is a type of scam that promises the victim a fast and substantial return on an investment of money which is paid to the person ‘above’ them in the pyramid. The victim is also required to recruit a number of people to be ‘beneath’ them in the pyramid, in turn collecting their […]


Fleeceware is the name given to mobile apps which overcharge users for functions or features that are widely available in free or other low-cost alternatives. In fact, they are developed with the sole purpose of doing so. Typically, the apps cater for hobbies such as photography and music, but have also been found in QR […]

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication – often abbreviated to 2FA – is when a second step is added to the process of logging into your online accounts which require confidentiality, as an additional security layer. These include your email accounts, bank accounts, social media and other websites where you have to log in securely with a username (or […]

Investment Scams

Investment scams involve criminals contacting people randomly to persuade them to put their money into investment schemes or products that are either non-existent, or do exist but are worthless. Traditionally, sales pitches promise substantial returns with very little risk, but increasingly, ‘returns’ are decreasing to make the story more credible.

Delivery Scams

Restrictions that were introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a massive increase in online purchases and in turn, home deliveries, a trend which is here to stay owing to the convenience and choice it brings. Unfortunately, however, this has created an ideal opportunity for fraudsters.

Pet Scams

Pet scams take place when you see a pet advertised online, are asked to pay a deposit or full price of the pet, only to find that the pet you have purchased does not exist, and you have been defrauded.


Cryptocurrency is a digital currency where coins are created by a decentralised network of servers (mining servers). Coins are transferred between digital wallets and can be purchased with real world money or by other cryptocurrencies. This all happens on what is called a blockchain. The first thing to understand that any crypto asset is highly […]

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence – frequently abbreviated to AI – is technology which enables a computer to carry out tasks based on specified human goals. It does this by searching for and acquiring information and providing a response based on what it finds and/or has learned. This information may be the kind that is freely available to […]

WhatsApp and Other Closed Messaging Apps

WhatsApp and other closed messaging apps such as Wickr, Signal and Telegram are hugely popular not only as private chat spaces but also as social media platforms and applications in their own right. Their use increased dramatically with the need to maintain contact and share topical content during the COVID-19 pandemic. As the term ‘closed […]