Online Gender Based Violence advice: What to do if you are targeted

  • Talk to a family member, friend, colleague or educator that you trust not to judge you or spread or report your concerns to the wider community.
  • Report incidents to the appropriate authorities.
  • Do not respond or express a reaction to the perpetrator or those responsible for spreading the violence, as this will only provoke further incidents including spontaneous intimidation.
  • Block the perpetrator and those spreading the violence.
  • If the violence takes the form of intimate content shared online, report it to the website or social media platform concerned, request that it is removed and the offending user blocked.
  • You can report online bullying, image-based abuse or other forms of online abuse to the Police.
  • Report threats of physical harm, blackmail, stalking, hacking or sharing of private content to the Police.
  • If you have been traumatised by online gender-based violence, you can seek professional psychological help. You should be able to find information by searching online. There are also a number of relevant help communities on social media platforms, but make sure that any you join are genuine.

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